Window Perf – You See Opportunities Everywhere

In the retail world, window signage is a common sight. It is also a growing trend in commercial real estate and vehicle windows (cars, buses, trains) as well, because it gives companies an opportunity to showcase their brand through pictures and words.

Window perf film is designed to allow for two way vision, even though it has a printed image on one side. People can see both in and out. It is a mechanically perforated vinyl. On one side, it has a removable black adhesive, protected by a peel-away release liner. Once it is printed and applied, it works with the science of how our eyes and brain process information. From the outside of the window, you see the printed image. From the inside, your eyes look past the black blocker, taking in the view outside. Light coming in creates the illusion that there is nothing on the window.

Window perf films come in a variety of types, as you will see in the chart below. Some have more printable area, providing more vivid graphics, while others have bigger holes and provide better outward visibility. A 50/50 ratio provides the best view out, while a 65/35 provides the largest amount of print area and the sharpest reproduction.window-perf-chart-right-space


Most window perf films won’t last longer than 2 to 3 years. To extend the life of a window graphic, you may want to laminate it with an optically clear film. Also, to avoid having the edges peel back we recommend you leave a ¼” border extending past the edges of the window on all sides.

Lamination provides protection from fading caused by the sun’s UV rays. It covers your graphic, which reduces the possibility of scratching or scuffing over time. Covering the holes in window perf with a laminate creates a barrier against outdoor elements like rain, snow and ice as well as dirt. It also protects the graphics from abrasive chemicals used in cleaning the window. With lamination, window perf will look great and last longer.

Athens sells multiple options for window perf, and our technical experts are always happy to assist you in choosing the right window perf product for your project.