Birmingham AL Distributor of Wide Format Printers

Are you a commercial printer or a small print shop in Birmingham, AL? Then you can get the HP or Epson wide format printer you need from Athens. Athens is the local HP and Epson distributor of wide format printers Birmingham AL print shops respect. Why? Because Athens has a wide selection, prices starting as low as $7,799, and ready financing with low monthly payments. Click to see all wide format printers we offer locally in Birmingham.

Increase Your Sales with a Wide Format Printer 

Wide Format Printers Birmingham AL

If you want to increase sales, adding a wide format printer is one of the best ways to do it. This is true for both commercial printers and home start-ups. You’ll be able to increase sales by accepting all kinds of new jobs.  Your new jobs might be banners, wall wraps, vehicle wraps, etc. The possibilities are endless. 

With high-speed wide-format printers, you’ll be able to perform more work in less time. So you’ll be able to accept more fast-turn-around work or same-day delivery jobs.

We Have the Right Size Printers with the Features You Need

Our HP and Epson wide format printers come in several widths. You can select a printer with the following widths: 54”, 64”, 98” and 126”. 

All Hp and Epson wide format printers are “feature rich,” but this is a list of the features our buyers seem to like the most: 

  • Roll-to-roll printing
  • Printing high resolution at high speed
  • High-speed cutting at high speed
  • Printing both indoor and outdoor signs
  • Ability to print on a wide range of substrates
  • Ability to laminate
  • Large capacity ink tanks or cartridges
  • 6-color latex (HP) or resin (Epson) inks
  • True white printing with white ink
  • Ability to replace printheads without a service call

Customer Service for Wide Format Printers Birmingham AL Printers Praise

Our clients praise the customer service they get from Athens. And it’s no secret why they do. Our wide format experts help our clients select the right printer for what they want to do and what they can afford. Once the printer is up and running, our experts provide on-going technical support. 

We Distribute Wide-Format Substrates Too

Our clients who are new to doing wide-format jobs really appreciate our advice on the correct substrates to use. And they know they can get the substrates from us at the best prices. We supply over 3500 SKUs for substrates. So, it’s highly likely we have just the right substrate for practically any job. 

Contact Athens – We Have the HP and Epson Wide Format Printers Birmingham Businesses Need for Large-Format Printing 

Athens has the right solutions for you.

Ask to speak to an Athens wide format expert today at 800-888-7901.