Printing with White Ink Revolutionized by HP Wide Format Printers

Are you in search of white ink wide format printers? HP has revolutionized white ink large format printing with the new HP Latex 700W , HP Latex 800W, and HP’s Latex 1000-2000 series flatbeds printers. To better understand how HP revolutionized printing with white ink, let’s step back in time.

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The Problems With Traditional White Ink Printing

In the past, if you had to print white ink, you had to use offset printing utilizing spot color. This type of printing, still available, has substantial set-up/wash-up costs. So, it’s not cost-effective for short print runs. 

Printing with white ink is not possible with a CMYK printer.

When digital printing started to replace offset printing, there was no ability to print white ink. Digital printers used (and still use) a four-color process known as CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black).

The digital printer mixes the colors together as needed to create all other colors – except white. In a design, the printer reads white as “the absence of color” and lays down no ink at all. So, the medium that you are printing on has to be white. 

Eventually, white ink was introduced for digital printers, but it came with problems:

  • Yellowing over time
  • Constant maintenance
  • Constant waste

The New HP Printing-with-White-Ink Method

To solve all the problems listed above, HP formulated the first latex white ink and designed wide format printers with new technology specific to white ink. The HP latex white ink is whiter and glossier other white ink and doesn’t yellow over time. The HP Latex R Series printers solve the maintenance and waste problems. These printers can print white as underflood, overflood, three layer, and spot. Call 800-888-7901 to speak with an Athens HP Latex R Series wide format printer expert today.

The ingenious design of the HP Latex R printers circulates the naturally denser white ink through the printer constantly. This constant movement through the printer’s circulatory system keeps the ink print-ready. To eliminate maintenance and waste, HP designed an offline rotation chamber where you can store the white print heads when not in use. This chamber rotates each hour to keep the ink moving. So, even in offline storage the ink is print-ready. 

Increase Your Revenue Margins with White Ink Wide Format Printers

Extend your portfolio into high-margin applications such as stickers, labels, high value decorations, wall coverings, and window graphics with the whitest white and the sharpest 4pt text with HP’s new Latex 700-800 Series and HP’s Latex 1000-2000 series flatbeds printers.