Vote for Direct Mail, and Win!

In 2015, more than $150 million was spent on direct mail during the August election cycle. Digital marketing spending for political campaigns was less than half that at $70 million. Voters over the age of 45 still show more comfort with direct mail than with email, social media, and blogs. The complete marketing arsenal for anyone seeking office today should still focus very heavily on postcards, pamphlets, and brochures filled with information the voters need to see. It’s important to note that not all voters have access to Internet often enough to keep up with the latest issues and the politicians’ platforms. After all, 72% of all email received could be considered spam. Without a direct mail campaign, reaching these voters who can’t or won’t follow digital marketing efforts would be impossible. *

Direct Mail Used for Elections

Direct Mail is one of the most powerful tools to get a message to voters promoting political candidates, referenda, or campaigns.

When it comes to mailing these mail pieces, there are options. You can use Every Door Direct Mail, a service from the Postal Service™ that allows you to mail to entire routes, as opposed to individual addresses. Every Door Direct Mail service is an easy, cost-effective way to reach potential voters, without purchasing a mailing list. The starting cost for the service is $.154 per mail piece.

First Class works best for mailings like personalized letters, fundraising invitations, or any communications with a personal touch. Standard Mail, ideal for sending postcards, printed flyers, advertisements, or newsletters.


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The “Guide to Paper Selection: Election Direct Mail“ covers five relevant topics: Paper considerations, digital or offset, database management, personalization, and sustainability. With checklists, tips and more, it can help you win more business during this election year.


* Taken from AMI Direct Marketing

** Taken from USPS