Vehicle Wrap Film Options During the 3M IJ180 Shortage

Earlier this month 3M advised that they were temporarily limiting the availability of their IJ180 vehicle wrap film due to quality concerns. There is no set time-table for when new production will come back on line. Already the impact is substantial. The 3M company supplies approximately 50% of domestic vehicle wrap media. As a result, cast vinyl and cast laminate designed for vehicle and fleet graphics are now in tight supply. If you are in search of alternative vehicle wrap vinyl material Athens has solutions to meet your needs.

Athens Has Answers for the Vehicle Wrap Shortage Problem

Vehicle Wrap Film Arlon Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Material

Fortunately, Athens also stocks and sells vehicle wrap film media from two other companies—Arlon and Avery. Right now, the Avery vehicle wrap products MOI 1105 EZ Apply Cast Vinyl and DOL 1360Z Cast Laminate are also in short supply and availability is limited. Arlon products we handle are tight, but more available than other cast products.

Here’s How Arlon Can Meet Your Vehicle Wrap Film Needs

Arlon manufactures SLX 2-mil Cast Vehicle Wrap with FLITE Technology. Flite Technology is a light contact system that allows the graphic to “float over” a vehicle until pressure is applied. This provides superior repositioning. SLX+ is the latest version of this product. It has a slightly higher initial tack and the ability to work in cooler application temperature than the regular SLX. Finally, Arlon offers DPF 6100 XLP, a 2-mil cast option. This product has a higher tack X-Scape technology more similar to traditional vehicle film. It has a tinted gray adhesive for added opacity and excellent conformity around curves, channels and rivets.

Arlon also provides several laminates that work well with all of these films. 3270 is a good all-around laminate that works well with solvent inks and any high saturation job. It is also recommended when installing in temperatures over 85 degrees. Arlon 3220 is the most versatile of the laminates and does well in lower temperature applications. Finally, there is 3200, an optically clear laminate, that is a great choice for detailed graphics.

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