Upgrade Your Packaging with Billerud CrownBoard Prestige

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Imagine the last time you received a package. What did you notice about the exterior? Was there a branded design, or a creative touch? As you opened the package, did it feel like a personalized, exciting experience, or just a quick step to hurry up and get through?

The packaging you choose for a project gives people their very first impression of your brand and can provide a positive, interactive experience that people will remember. That’s why it’s so important to select reliable, versatile packaging materials that can protect the items within while also providing a canvas to show off your brand from the get-go.

Athens is a proud distributor of Billerud CrownBoard Prestige, a premium line of packaging designed for a unique combination of printability, strength, and durability. The strong, stiff, and tough board provides top performance throughout the product range – plus, it’s environmentally (FSC) certified, recyclable, and even compliant with requirements for food-contact applications.

CrownBoard Prestige optimizes visual appeal with distinctive print, lifelike color reproduction, defined contrast, and sharp detail. It’s designed to provide uniform print, thanks to the bleached primary fiber in the top layer, as well as the formation, smoothness, and coating properties. The high-white, coated surface lends your packaging a more sophisticated visual appearance to enhance the contents and your brand overall.

Fully coated on one side and light coated on the reverse, CrownBoard Prestige sheets are manufactured in 8.1 pt., 10 pt., 11.4 pt., 12 pt., 14 pt., 15.9 pt., 17.9 pt., 19.9 pt., 21.9 pt., and 23.8 pt. calipers.

CrownBoard Prestige is ideal for packaging, as well as other applications, including covers, postcards, and mailers.

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