The Tennessee Conservationist’s Sustainable Redesign

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Athens Community Partnerships: Inside the Tennessee Conservationist’s Eco-Friendly Redesign

At Athens, we always appreciate the chance to live our values and to connect with a broader community. That’s what has made our partnership with The Tennessee Conservationist, the official magazine of Tennessee State Parks, so special.

The bi-monthly print and online publication features interesting articles and incredible photos focusing on the state’s history, culture, native species, things to do, conservation efforts, and archaeology. As part of the State Parks, The Conservationist is committed to advocating for preservation and protection of our incredible natural and cultural resources, and it extends that dedication to sustainability to the printing practices used to create each issue of the magazine itself.

Our team worked with The Conservationist on its 2019 rebrand, and we’re very excited to be part of this new look. One of the biggest changes was in the choice of paper used for the print edition: the magazine changed its paper stock from a coated sheet to an uncoated, 100% post-consumer waste sheet—the Rolland Enviro Print. UV printing on uncoated stock gives the magazines a scuff-free surface, which is important because issues are placed in every cabin and Lodge room across Tennessee State Parks and must retain their good looks through multiple readers. Since the paper is made entirely from sustainable recycled fiber and manufactured with biogas as a main energy source, it has the smallest environmental footprint in North America’s paper industry.

“We wanted The Tennessee Conservationist to be the greenest publication possible and have a truly organic quality,” said Heather Lose, Editor-in-Chief of The Conservationist. “Changing the paper stock allows us to ‘walk the walk’ and live our values on every page.”

In addition to printing this photo-filled publication on an environmentally-conscious paper stock, The Conservationist “goes green” in other ways, too. The publication is printed locally with UV ink, supporting Tennessee business, and keeping shipping distances to a minimum.

The Tennessee Conservationist is living proof that making simple changes to support more sustainable printing can have a big impact—and a positive business effect, too! Lose revealed that the rebrand and switch to Rolland paper have resulted in plenty of press coverage for the magazine, and many longtime readers have responded very favorably to the changes.

The partnership between Athens and The Tennessee Conservationist isn’t over, either! We’re teaming up to offer two lucky winners a one-year print subscription.

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