The 2016 Trends in Business Card Design

Another year, a few more trends for business cards.

This year holds some interesting choices. A classic white for one, to stand out from other cards that have overused colorful backgrounds. But this doesn’t have to be a plain Jane solution. Use the card’s flip side for plenty of features to set off the white side.


Multiple shapes can always add interest. But be careful with this, as there is nothing that will get tossed quicker than a card that doesn’t fit anywhere. So unless you have the perfect design, go simple; rounded corners, or even heavyweight paper. A good double thick paper, maybe a different color on each side makes for a very interesting card.

The word business “card” does not have to mean it’s made from paper. Metal, wood or even fabric have been used effectively for cards and make for an original design that in many cases is much more long lasting. There is a company whose cards are made of and printed on shaved red cedar. The company makes cedar shoetrees, so the substrate made sense. It was printed in black, type only. Simple design, big impact, with the scent of cedar making it all the more memorable. This was a high value, low cost choice for them.

No matter what size budget you have, you can create something unique. People are considering other materials like wood or plastic, and other processes like engraving, foil stamping, and letterpress. You have options; explore them.