Test Your Packaging Materials Knowledge

Shrink Film vs Stretch Wrap

Shrink film, stretch wrap – Do you know the difference between the two?

Take our quiz and test your knowledge.

For every question below, choose your answer from the following:
a. Shrink Film              b. Stretch Wrap               c. Both

Which one fits?

  1. It seals around an individual product or a bundle of products.
  2. It is wrapped around loads on pallets.
  3. It comes in multiple thicknesses.
  4. It is heated in a tunnel or with a heat gun.
  5. It does not shrink.
  6. It keeps items on a pallet from shifting during transport.
  7. Athens distributes it.

The answers are:

  1.   a. Shrink film
  2.   b. Stretch wrap
  3.   c. Both
  4.   a. Shrink film
  5.   b. Stretch wrap
  6.   b. Stretch wrap
  7.   c. Both