Make a Great Impression with Tango

There’s no question, first impressions matter. So when it comes to printing marketing materials, paper choice is paramount. It puts the brand in the consumer’s hand in an intimate way, and it has to make a lasting impression on the consumer.

Tango® Coated Cover creates that lasting impression. The unmatched level of quality and consistency that the entire Tango portfolio delivers allows designers and printers to bring brands alive across a wide range of marketing materials.

  • Tango® Coated Cover C1S Paperboard
  • Tango® Coated Cover C2S Paperboard
  • Tango® Digital Coated Cover C1S & C2S Paperboard
  • Tango® Wide Format C1S & C2S Paperboard

Tango delivers superior printed images and exceptional results, which translates to repeat sales and satisfied customers. It runs consistently well on press, reducing waste. Finish on time and withing budget with this no-worry, hassle-free performer.

With its clean white styling, Tango provides crisper colors and sharper contrast while maintaining outstanding fidelity on press. Because it is as much as 80% stiffer than some competitive grades, printed pieces will feel as good as they look, further enhancing a brand’s image.

Tango can be converted from rolls into sheets in Athens converting operations. Ordering optimal sheet sizes reduces waste and lowers materials costs. Lower costs can help win jobs in competitive bidding situations while protecting profit margins.