Sustainable Solutions Take the Spotlight

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In today’s print, communications, and packaging world, “going green” has become the trend of the moment. More than ever, companies and designers are searching for more sustainable solutions to combine the reliable, time-tested marketing power of print with the latest technology to ensure sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices.

In the world of print, these solutions have led to enormous creativity and technological advances, which allow print to maintain its powerful role in marketing while shifting to a future-looking model. Sustainability isn’t just about the basic concepts like recycling. Today, sustainable solutions focus on reducing waste, limiting or eliminating the use of toxic chemicals, utilizing sustainable and renewable raw materials, reducing energy usage, and improving use of renewable and clean energy sources.

Just a handful of common sustainable solutions, such as those offered by Athens, might include:

  • Plant-based inks and other inks that do not require chemical curing
  • Lower-waste processes
  • Papers made from post-consumer fiber
  • PVC-free substrates and alternatives to plastic and vinyl
  • Masterials made through carbon-neutral and energy-efficient processes

Print isn’t the only place where sustainable practices and products can be incorporated. Packaging is a common source of waste and inefficiency, but the latest developments can allow companies to provide exciting, reliable packaging while reducing their environmental footprints. As with print substrates and processes, packaging can be made more sustainable through the smart selection of materials and styles. These might include, among others:

  • Adjustable/re-sizable boxes to reduce waste and inventory
  • Recycled and post-consumer materials
  • Minimizing the use of filler
  • Water-activated tape and other chemical-free materials

These practices are having a real impact, from more energy-efficient manufacturing to increased forest cover. “Going green” doesn’t have to mean leaving print in the past – it just means being smarter and more thoughtful about sourcing, designing, and manufacturing products in ways that are more likely to support a healthy, thriving planet for the future.

Athens has been on the forefront of the “green revolution” in printing, offering digital, offset, wide format, and packaging solutions that provide excellent quality and practicality while adhering to client budgets and the latest eco-friendly practices. We work to protect and preserve our planet’s natural resources while providing excellent service and high-quality products to our valued clients.

Learn more about the Athens commitment to sustainability here, or talk to your Athens representative to find out how you can incorporate more sustainable practices into your own print and packaging needs.

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