Automation is the Key to Offset Stretch Film Price Increases

As one of the leading stretch film suppliers in the Southeast, Athens is here to help with stretch film and labor cost-saving strategies. Our experts can show you how to offset stretch film price increases and labor costs with automation solutions.

After increases of over 24% in 2020, stretch film manufacturers just announced a 3rd possible increase in 2021. This will total an additional 21% increase for the year.

If you are like most companies, the cost of one or more-line workers being absent can have a major impact on production. Training new employees to fill the gap is unpredictable. Couple that with anticipated labor rate increases, and it may be time to consider cutting labor costs through automation. Machines show up for work every day and take very few coffee breaks. So, they are very dependable and consistent.

Saving Money

Save Money Through Automation with Stretch Wrapping Equipment

Offset Stretch Film Price Increases with Stretch Wrapping Equipment.

If you are hand wrapping at least 10 loads per day, you could be a good candidate for automation. Packaging equipment pays for itself over time. Higher productivity leads to labor savings. More efficient use of materials leads to material savings. Over time, these savings will eventually offset the cost of the equipment.

Let Athens help you evaluate offsetting stretch film price increases and labor costs with the reliable Highlight Predator® series:

  • Predator® SS—an affordable solution with many features including Simplified Stretch. This feature allows you to adjust the stretch level with a turn of a knob.
  • Predator® XS—extra features provide even greater film savings and automatically cuts the film to further reduce labor costs.
  • Predator® Platinum—attaches film to the load, wraps, cuts the film, wipes down the tail, then returns to home position. The Platinum is the most advanced wrapping equipment in the industry. It can operate with remote control and improves productivity by up to 40%.

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