Athens is One of the Leading Strapping Machine Suppliers in the SE

As a shipper, you know the importance of securing packages to ensure they don't fail during shipping. With more people buying online due to COVID-19, businesses are shipping more packages and in search of strapping machine suppliers they can trust.

However, many businesses are now experiencing backlogs because (again because of COVID-19) they have fewer workers. If you are using manual tools for strapping, consider how our strapping machines or a battery-operated hand tool can solve the backlog problem by decreasing labor costs and increasing productivity.

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Athens Sells the Perfect Entry-Level Strapping Machines

We stock the TP-202 semi-automatic tabletop strapping machine for polypropylene strap. This is an inexpensive solutions for your strapping need, and it's is rugged, reliable, and proven. We keep this machine in stock for immediate delivery. We also keep demo units in stock so you can try-before-you-buy.

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Operation

The number one benefit of upgrading manual strapping to a semi-automatic strapping machine or battery-operated tool is the increase in productivity. The strapping machine automatically tightens the tension on the strap, joins the ends with a secure heat weld and then automatically turns off. As soon as you insert a strap, the machine automatically switches on again.

Another automatic strapping solution that we carry in our wide range of strapping products is the Model 320 Battery Operated Plastic Strapping Tool.  We carry both the MT-320, which uses 5/8” strap, and the MT-320S, which uses ½” strap.  These battery-operated handheld tools create even more efficiencies.  It's a great solution if you have packages that are too large for your table-top strapping and need much more mobility throughout the facility.

Call 800-888-7901 (ask for Sales Department) to speak with an Athens expert today about strapping solutions.

As one of the leading strapping machine suppliers in the Southeast, Athens knows strapping!  We have the right products for the job, and we represented the best strapping suppliers. Click to learn more about the strapping supplies and tools we carry.