Speed Plus Precision

Miller Weldmaster T3 Extreme Web slideMiller Weldmaster

Since 1972, Miller Weldmaster has been manufacturing innovative solutions for welding and sewing banners and signs.

Their equipment is built for the rigors of day-in, day-out production, and easy to use.

The T3 Extreme hot wedge welding machine is a compact design. Welds include overlap, hem-style and hems with pockets, giving you options for all the seams required for banners, signs, and awnings.

Miller Weldmaster T300 EDGE slide
If you’re looking for super-fast welding, check out the T300 Extreme Edge. Combining versatility with precision adjustments, this heavy duty machine finishes a 4’ x 6’ banner in under one minute!



Miller Weldmaster DigiTran Web slide
The Digitran is an all-in-one sewing and welding solution. It provides flexibility along with hands-free SEG feeding and cutting. With touch controls, it’s easy to use. Built with a lightweight aluminum frame, this machine is easily transportable around your facility.

The right technology provides flexibility. It improves productivity and increases profitability. For banner and sign production, Miller Weldmaster hits all the marks with speed and precision.