Simpson Security Papers

Simpson Security Papers, Inc., established in 1871, relies on modern technology to produce high quality safety, security, and check paper products. From the beginning, the founders of Simpson Security Papers recognized the threat of fraud and counterfeiting. Today, this need is far greater than ever before. They create three main types of security papers:

SafetySecure (Traditional white security paper)

  • Secures against document altering chemicals.
  • The “Invisible Security Fibers” prevent copying and scanning.
  • It is ideal for transcripts, deposit receipts, wills, warranties/guarantees, bank notes, titles, checks, and much more.


  • Simpson’s most advanced security paper that cannot be photocopied because the phrases, “Void” or “VoidSecureappear when copies are made.
  • Meets federal requirements for prescriptions. Also perfect for: licenses, vehicle titles, gift certificates, contracts, coupons, state and local government, etc.
  • Available in multiple patterns and colors.


  • Features the standard “Basketweave” pattern and is manufactured with “Invisible Security Fibers” to protect against copying and scanning as well as against chemical alteration. It is also HP Certified for digital presses.
  • Great for: checks, coupons, permits, event admissions, parking tickets/permits and more.
  • Available in multiple patterns and colors.

No matter what your need, Simpson has a product that provides the right protection.