Boost Efficiency and Consistency with ShurSEAL® Automated Packaging Solutions

Every time a worker seals a carton manually, three outcomes are almost always guaranteed:

  1. The process is slower than when an automated machine applies tape.
  2. There are more inconsistencies, and often too much or too little tape is applied.
  3. The tape pressure varies. If the tape is applied with too little pressure, a seal could fail before a box reaches its destination.

When it comes to sealing boxes, if you want to increase efficiency and consistency in your facility,

ShurSEAL® Automated Packaging Solutions could be the solution you need.

The ShurSEAL® Automated Packaging Solution combines the Shurtape HP series packaging tape with a PrimeLoc applicator to deliver consistent and secure seals, carton after carton.

And best of all, ShurSEAL® is easy to retrofit to over 300 machines so that you can revitalize older equipment with minimal capital expenditure.

Contact us to schedule an evaluation of your case sealing equipment and discover if potential cost savings are waiting for you!

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