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Revolutionize Printing Productivity with the TruFire LT/X2

Digitech TruFire Printer

Looking for a high-quality UV flatbed printer with a large capacity for exceptional efficiency? The TruFire LT/X2 offers “print on demand” capability all day with minimal maintenance. With flexible print options, it can print on a wide variety of substrates and sizes. These powerful printers fulfill any project requirements for reliable quality and fast turnaround times.

For Print & Cut efficiency, your TruFire LT/X2 can be paired with the Colex SharpCut Conveyor Digital Router and a conveyor system connecting the two.

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The Trufire Best-in-Class Printer is:

  • Designed for large-capacity jobs
  • Equipped with the auto unloader to change sheets of media in under 10 seconds to reduce labor costs
  • More than 60 sheets per hour
  • Lowest cost of ownership in its class
  • 10+ years of service
  • Speeds exceed 4,000 square feet per hour

Trufire Specifications

  • Table Size: 5' x 10'
  • Vacuum Sections: 4' x 8' and 5' x 10'
  • Auto Unloader: Standard
  • Print Heads: Staggered 8 Standard, 4 Color Grayscale CMYK
  • High Resolution: Droplet Size: 4, 6, 10, 14

The TruFire LT/X2 is built for longevity and performance. Innovative features include:

  • Elite Phoseon LED curing lights—the industry standard
  • Closed-face linear carriage and gantry motors last and last
  • Our encoders are embedded in the rails, making for a maintenance-free system
  • Vacuum table durability—thick and truly flat when it is installed and built to remain so 20 years from your purchase

TruFire LX/X2 Printer

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