Seal the Sheet—Seal the Deal

Super Thick Printed Materials

One design trend that has risen in popularity over the last few years is super thick postcards, greeting cards, business cards and announcements.

For many years the only way to create a super thick card was by laminating two sheets together. Most printers didn’t have lamination capabilities in-house and had to send sheets out, adding time and cost to a job.

Mohawk Superfine Layers™ is an innovative product that allows printers with digital capabilities to produce ultra-thick projects in-house. The product works like this. On the topside, you have a printable surface. On the bottom side you have cohesive glue. A single sheet has a caliper of 17 pts. After printing, 2 sheets can be laminated together in a post printing process where the top and bottom sheet are aligned together and pressure is applied to seal the sheet. Mohawk Superfine Layers is available in Ultrawhite and White, as well as Eggshell Digital with i-Tone.

To learn more, check out our video.