Retail Floor Graphics for Social Distancing

Retail Floor Graphics for Social Distancing are in High Demand Due to COVID-19.

retail floor graphics social distancing

The outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in the temporary closure of many businesses deemed non-essential. Essential businesses and organizations that remain open must adjust to new health standards. These may include increased cleaning procedures, plexiglass panels to protect a cashier, one-way aisles and the increased use of social distancing retail floor graphics.

One standard that all businesses have to accommodate is social distancing. This is particularly important in check-out aisles for grocery stores and large retail outlets. Floor graphics are the most widely used method to facilitate social distancing, with decals placed on the floor 6' apart.
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About Social Distancing Graphics for Floors

floor graphics for COVID-19 Distancing

Floor graphics for social distancing can be a circle, footprints, or a square that simply says, "Please stand 6' apart." Traditional floor graphics utilize a printed adhesive vinyl adhered directly to the floor. It then has a non-slip, UL Approved laminate placed on the surface to protect the graphic from scratching and exposure to cleaning chemicals.

A second option is to utilize non-slip media that doesn’t require a laminate. While this method can expedite the production process, it may result in a shorter life span. The actual life span depends on the amount of direct exposure of the ink to foot traffic and cleaning chemical.
Athens Has Options to Meet the Demand for Floor Graphics
We have many media options available that meet the requirements of floor graphics. Please consult with your sales rep for specific details. Here are some key questions that will allow us to provide the best product for your specific needs:

  • What is the surface of the floor? Tile, sealed concrete, wood, carpet?
  • For what length of time does the customer want the graphic to last?
  • How often will the graphic be cleaned, and will automated scrubbers be used?
  • What is the customer preference - gloss or matte?
  • And finally, how much traffic will walk on the printed graphic?

Athens Has Wide Format Printers to Meet the Need
Athens is an authorized reseller of HP and Epson wide-format printers. Most experts believe floor graphics will remain in high demand for the foreseeable future. So with an average life span of 3 to 6 months, this can result in a continuous flow of profitable business.