Stay Safer with InviroShield for Covid

InviroShield™ by Athens Can Help Restaurants Create a Safer Environment During COVID-19

Surface Protection Film

There are lots of blogs on the Web right now that supposedly give suggestions about how restaurants can survive COVID-19. But, unfortunately, none of those articles have any ground-breaking ideas beyond washing your hands, not touching your face, and wearing a mask.

However, with the introduction of InviroShield™ antimicrobial surface protection film by Athens restaurants help relieve the fear out of dining in or touching surfaces like countertops, tables, menus, etc.

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Help Alleviate Customer Fears With InviroShield™ Antimicrobial Surface Protection Film
As a restaurant owner, you may already be doing as much as you can to allay your patron's fears. You may be using disposable versions of menus, silverware, and plates. You may be setting up your tables to conform to social distancing.

Now you can add an extra layer of protection by using InviroShield™. It's an adhesive-backed antimicrobial surface protection film with a semi-permanent antimicrobial topcoat that starts neutralizing microbes on contact.
Ways to Use InviroShield™ in Your Restaurant
First, you can start by covering your tables and countertops. Then, you can laminate your menus instead of continually reprinting menus. Finally, you can cover touch screens that patrons have to sign with a finger.  But don't stop there. You can create a safer environment by covering:

Restaurants can survive COVID-19
  • Windows, glass or plastic partitions, and doors
  • Plexiglas, acrylic or polycarbonate barriers
  • Countertops accessible to the patrons
  • Kiosks, Touchscreens, and ATM’s
  • Any other high-touch smooth surfaces

InviroShieldTM is easy to apply and easy to clean with a soft cloth and a mild detergent. The active ingredient built into the coating allows it to permanently retain its “bio-availability” for a relatively long period of time even after being washed a hundred times. Click this link to learn more about InviroShield Antimicrobial Surface Protection Film or call 800-888-7901.
How to Order InviroShield™ 
InviroShield™ is available from Athens Paper. You can order it in a 1-mil with a permanent adhesive or 2-mil with a removable adhesive in rolls of 54” x 150 FT. Call 800-888-7901.