Reduce Paper Waste & Win Jobs


Designers... Designers

Sometimes designers create formats that are a poor fit for standard paper sizes.

Faced with this situation, printers may end up laying out the sheet so there is a tremendous amount of waste on every sheet—which increases costs, as well as the effect on the environment. Or estimators might choose to use a sheet size where waste is minimized from head to tail, but color bars are sacrificed for the fit creating challenges for the pressroom.

When a project is printing on a C1S or C2S SBS cover, the answer to these dilemmas may be Athens’ converting solutions.

Converting is a process where we take stock rolls of paper and convert them into sheets in our Atlanta facility. Calipers range from 8 pt. to 24 pt., and there is no minimum order requirement.

Because we have plenty of capacity, this is an option to consider for printers who are looking for a competitive edge when they’re bidding on large offset or wide format projects where paper is a significant cost. Reducing material costs also helps printers protect profit margins.
For technical information, visit or talk to your Athens representative.