Protecting Shipments with Protective Cushioning and Void Fill

In our last blog we discussed the importance of protective packaging. You may remember that studies show that as many as one in ten packages sustain damages in shipping. Now we will review two types of protective cushioning systems to protect or fill the void space in packages – air and paper.

Utilizing cushioning items for shipping helps avoid possible breakage. It absorbs impacts, prevents the product from sliding, shifting, or moving in the shipping container. Filling the dead space in a package is crucial to making sure the product arrives safely. Athens is here to help you decide which type of protective cushioning is better for your shipping needs. Call 800-888-7901 and ask to speak with an Athens expert today about protective packaging solutions.

On Demand Air Systems Supply Protective Cushioning

First, we will consider air cushioning and air pillows for dunnage. Air cushioning products are light weight therefore reducing shipping costs. But if you have to buy them in bulk, they take up a lot of valuable space in your shipping area.

Protective Cushioning on-demand air system

To save space, you can create your own air cushioning products as needed with an on-demand air system. Athens distributes the Pregis AirSpeed ™ Ascent, which is one of the fastest and most reliable air systems in the industry. It makes a Hybrid inflatable cushioning pattern which provides the ultimate air retention while having even stronger, more reliable seals. Another advantage to the AirSpeed™ Ascent is that this machine has no wearable parts, so you have more uptime with less service.

Using Paper-On-Demand Systems for Protective Void Fill

Now let’s consider a more sustainable paper option used for filling gaps inside-the-box.  Athens proudly represents the Pregis line of paper void fill systems and features the very simple and user-friendly Quantum Series. The Easypack® Quantum™ XT has unmatched reliability and enhanced ergonomic features​. It’s easy to load and has a blade-less tear assist to keep workers safe. The patented, floating-head design virtually eliminates paper jams. The telescoping head minimizes operators’ range of motion for increased comfort and productivity. Bottom line, the Quantum XT delivers consistent performance as well as meeting your environmental objectives.