Protecting Furniture During Shipment

Furniture manufacturers, large and small, can depend on Athens for the protective packaging they need to ship furniture. Athens has many different products for protecting furniture during shipment, including: 

  • corrugated boxes
  • honeycomb
  • corner boards
  • corner foam
  • foam edge protectors
  • foam rolls & sheets
  • shrink film
  • stretch film
  • bags & sheeting

Examples of Protection for Furniture

Bags provide protection for furniture during shipment.

Because furniture comes in all shapes and sizes (table, chairs, desks, upholstered pieces, etc.), each piece of furniture may require unique types of protection.  A chair company may have an application for chair legs to sit down in foam or honeycomb blocks and then use a furniture bag or shrink poly to secure the chair onto a corrugated tray. Other manufacturers might have knock down furniture that needs protection before fitting into a corrugated box that is stacked on pallets and then secured with stretch wrap.

Athens supplies:

  • poly shrink wrap in a wide variety of roll sizes and heat guns
  • honeycomb and honeycomb blocks
  • stretch wrap in hand or machine rolls, 25 – 120 gauge, 10” to 30” wide 
  • stretch wrappers
  • furniture bags and sheeting

A company that ships tables may use foam edge protectors, hard or soft angle pads and corners, and air foam to protect the tables’ edges and surfaces. 

Athens supplies:

  • moisture-resistant air foam rolls with perforations for easy tear off. Rolls come in various widths and lengths, depending on your application.
  • hard angle pads and corners made of sturdy chip board material or soft angle pads and corners made of a combination of corrugated sheets and foam. 
  • cohesive foam that wraps around odd-sized items and single-faced corrugated
  • non-scratch, polystyrene edge protectors 

Talk to an Athens Expert about Protecting Furniture During Shipment

Our packaging experts have the knowledge and experience to recommend the protective packaging that will work best for your application. So let our team help you evaluate the different factors to find the most economical way to package your products for shipping so that your customers have a positive experience. You can count on Athens for quality products, innovative ideas, and a wide range of products and brands.

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