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Should You Downgauge Polyethylene Products in Your Facility?

Polyethylene is a versatile and commonly used plastic material known for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio and impact resistance. The gauge of polyethylene is a measurement referring to thickness. Generally, the thicker the polyethylene product, the more raw materials were used in the manufacturing process. More raw materials used equates to a higher price.

Many packaging materials are ordered year after year. When they were initially specified for purchase, they might have been the best solution, but today, there could be better solutions on the market. This can be true for polyethylene products. Manufacturing improvements may have made it possible to DOWNGAUGE and still UPGRADE!

Lighter weight gauges offer several advantages, including lower costs and reduced environmental impact. Manufacturing improvements mean higher levels of strength and flexibility, too. Don’t miss your opportunity to improve! Athens can evaluate your current solution and make product recommendations to match your goals.

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Thanks to Base Plastics for providing photos. Athens is an authorized vendor for all Base Plastic products, including Elasticene™, a revolutionary product that is remarkably strong even at lighter gauges.

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