Polyester Strapping: Switch Now and Save Money

Have you thought about using polyester strapping (PET), but you are still using steel strapping? As a leading Polyester Strapping Supplier, we at Athens want to let you know that now may be the very best time to switch. In the past two years, the price of both PET and steel strapping have been increasing steadily. But now, the price increase in steel strapping is far outpacing PET.

The Advantages of Using Polyester Strapping

The many advantages of using polyester strapping include:

  • Achieving approximately a 40% cost saving over steel
  • Causing fewer damages because of polyester’s elasticity
  • Creating a safer working environment
  • Eliminating rust

Retooling for PET Is Not a Problem

When you switch from steel to polyester strapping, there is a tooling cost. However, the return on your investment is rapid due to the huge cost savings in PET.

Turn to Athens for Answers to Your Questions

PET is not a replacement for steel strapping in all cases. The experts at Athens can advise you if making the switch is right for your shipping applications. You can trust Athens to answer your questions and supply the right tools and accessories to fit your needs..

Looking for a Polyester Strapping Supplier? Call Today for a Demonstration.

If you are serious about switching to polyester strapping, Athens will go the extra mile and can arrange the use of a demo tool and comparable poly strap needed.

polyester strapping supplier polyester Strapping supplies tools Fromm strapper

For instance, Athens features and stocks two of the very dependable one-handed Fromm Battery Powered Tools. Improved features in these tools make it easier to remove the tool from the strap, and the brushless motor means less maintenance and longer motor life.

  • Fromm P328 / PN’s 049120, 049139 – accommodates PET and PP, ½” and 5/8” strap with an adjustable tension force up to 585 lbs.
  • Fromm P331 / PN 049117 – accommodates PET ¾”, 1” and 1-1/4” strap with adjustable tension force up to 1575 lbs for more heavy-duty applications.

Call 800-888-7901 to speak with an Athens expert today.

You can count on Athens as a polyester strapping supplier and for all your packaging products and shipping needs.