Partner Spotlight: FP International Protects Your Shipments

FP International has a special understanding of packaging.

They invented packing peanuts. It is this type of outside the box thinking that makes them an award-winning manufacturer of innovative protective packaging products and packaging systems.

They are worldwide leaders in eco-friendly packaging. Superior products include PMOS (Packaging-Made-On-Site), biodegradable, sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging, void fill air cushions, and Kraft bubble mailers. FP International’s best-in-class products include CELL-O® EZ, NOVUS® and PILLOW PAK® Green inflatable packaging air cushions.

One unique solution they provide is their engineering services to drop test packaging. Provide your Athens representative a product packaged and ready to ship. We will send it to FP International’s testing facility where your package will be put through a series of scientifically engineered tests for shipping stress and strain to identify weaknesses.

Weaknesses can include puncturing caused by shifting of items, crushing resulting from empty airspace within cartons, and lack of protection from the chosen packaging fill.

Once the testing is complete, FP International offers recommendations to eliminate potential damage. They repack the item based on their recommendations and ship it back to you, taking into consideration multiple factors including environmental sustainability.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce loss from damaged cartons, talk to your Athens representative. We can help you find the right solution from FP International to optimize results within your budget.

Watch the video to learn more about FP International and drop testing.