Partner Spotlight: Darnel Focuses On Quality

Brown BookThe Darnel Group

The Darnel Group provides an extensive line of polyolefin shrink film and PVC shrink and stretch film offerings manufactured with quality and the environment in mind.

Their films are proven in various market verticals such as Printing, Food, Medical, and General Manufacturing. A privately owned Company, Darnel is a global brand that has been at the forefront of research and development for more than 30 years.

Kristen Enfinger, Darnel’s National Sales Manager, said, “Darnel sets itself apart by focusing on delivering what our customer needs without sacrificing quality or integrity.”

Quality From Start to Finish

  • Quality is a basic business principle at Darnel. Products are inspected, and material properties are measured from incoming raw material to outgoing finished goods.  Each production plant has a dedicated quality control lab and highly-trained employees. Quality controls include in-line and off-line gauge measurement, film property analytics, dimensions, and optics. Dedicated employees analyze records and trends around the clock. Routine audits guarantee that all tests are being carried out according to Darnel’s quality program.

Environmental Focus

  • Darnel is committed to minimizing their carbon footprint and their impact on the environment.  All facilities properly dispose of industrial and water waste created in the manufacturing process, often recycling within the plant.  Compared to many other competitors, they manufacture with less energy and are at the forefront of technology to develop products that are 100%  recyclable while still meeting Darnel’s rigorous quality standard

Darnel products comply with FDA regulations for food contact.  Darnel film manufacturing plants are certified ISO 9001, and Kosher certified for PVC Stretch and Shrink food grade films.

If you would like to know more about Darnel’s products, request information from your Athens representative.