Papers We Love

According to Statistic Brain, over 180,000,000 cards will be exchanged on Valentine’s Day.1

Papers Liked by our Athens Team

Here are a few of the papers that are beloved by our Athens team – all perfect for cards, catalogs, and more. 

Monadnock Papers/Caress
Caress is a sophisticated creamy white paper with an exquisite surface and superior formation. The muted tone of Caress adds richness and warmth to colors and lends a humanizing effect to portraiture. Caress is highly suitable for cards, invitations and all stationery applications.

CTI Paper/Splendorlux
Vibrant colors, engaging embossed patterns and dazzling smooth surfaces combine to create the unique tones of Splendorlux C1S cast coated board offering.  The bright, intense, non-mottled surface provides the finest in colored board options with first-class offset print quality providing extraordinary opportunities for design and print concepts.

French Paper/Glo-tone Shocking Pink
Established in 1871, French Paper is a sixth-generation, family-owned American company. French Paper produces over 100 stock colors in multiple weights and textures. Glo-tone is a brilliant paper line with colors brought to earth from the upper stratosphere of the color spectrum. Punch up your designs with these fresh hues and you'll agree, French is bursting with bright ideas.

Neenah Paper/Smooth
CLASSIC CREST® Papers deliver the whole package- unmatched luxury, and dependable quality. 29 colors including red are available in multiple finishes, sizes, weights, and envelopes. On every Neenah product, you get fantastic print clarity and unmatched quality.

Mohawk Via Smooth/light pink
Now including Mohawk Solutions, Via is a best-seller at Athens, offering Mohawk quality at an affordable price. Featuring popular textures, colors and highly printable white shades, Via is a paper for today and every day. It is the ideal paper for communication projects that need to be creative and distinctive while meeting a tight budget.