Tape Solutions for Your Business

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Athens is a respected and recommended carton sealing tape supplier. We carry a variety of tapes for all of your packaging and fulfillment needs. These include adhesive tape, double coated adhesive tapewater-activated tape, and reinforced paper tape (also known as strapping tape).

Carton Sealing Tapes & Equipment

Now more than ever, choosing the right pressure sensitive carton sealing tape is crucial for your business.  Choosing the correct tape grade can avoid product damage, theft, and production downtime.  You should consider these factors when choosing tape: the case sealing process, the corrugated type and thickness, and the environmental conditions.

Tape – Athens offers a full line of carton sealing tapes with these adhesive technologies: hot melt, acrylic, and natural rubber.

  • Hot Melt Adhesive – By far the most popular with a very wide range of flexibility.  Good for overfilled cartons because of the superior adhesion properties and holding force.
  • Acrylic Adhesive – The second most popular grade, acrylic offers good initial tack to boxes and is best suited for all-temperature box sealing performance.  Excellent clarity and high shear strength.
  • Natural Rubber Adhesive – The high tack characteristics make it a superior product in certain conditions such as recycled cartons, very humid conditions and dusty environments.

Equipment – Looking to increase efficiencies and get a more professional looking product?  Need to increase your throughput and lower labor cost?  An equipment investment may be just what you need.   You can count on Athens to assess your particular situation and help determine your payback!

Water Activated Tapes & Equipment

Athens offers a complete line of water activated tape products and tape dispensing equipment.  With the recent growth of e-commerce purchases and parcel shipping, environmentally friendly water activated tape usage is surging.  Companies realize that water activated tape can make a parcel post package more secure with a pilfer-proof seal.

Other advantages water activated tape offers for carton closure are

  • Permanent closure
  • Durability and strength
  • Professional appearance

Strapping & Filament Tapes

Strapping tapes have reinforcements of polypropylene (TPP), polyester yarn or glass yarn filaments.  This type of tape is also called reinforced paper tape. They are most commonly used when bundling boxes or cartons on pallets.  When shipping large items, or bundles of items of any value or importance, it is essential that they are well packaged and can withstand load shifting.

Paper Masking Tapes

Also referred to as painter’s tape, general purpose masking tapes are effective and economical.  Masking tapes have many non-critical applications, such as splicing, bundling, identification, and packaging.  More demanding applications such as powder coating, sandblasting, transportation, marine and metal fabrication require a higher grade of making tape.

Double-coated & Adhesive Transfer Tapes

The bonding and assembly community use double-coated tapes and transfer adhesives extensively.  Let Athens assist you in choosing the right product for the right application.  There are several factors to consider and weighing those differences will help improve the chances for success.

Double-coated tapes, used to bond two surface together, have a carrier between two layers of adhesive. They can be used in conjunction with, or as an alternative to, traditional rivets, screws, or glue.  Use this type of tape when you need a long-term or permanent bonding solutions. Other double-coated tapes that have a low tack adhesive on one side are good for use in applications that require repositioning.

Adhesive transfer tapes are much more flexible and more conformable because they do not have a carrier.  The pressure sensitive adhesive is pre-applied to a special release liner.  Applications for this type of tape include graphic applications, mounting and splicing different substrates, and gasket applications.

Floor & Safety Marking Tapes

floor marking tape

In these changing times, marking tape can be an important tool to help with social distancing and to keep your plant running safely and smoothly. Floor marking tapes are great for clearly identifying lanes, material holding spaces and hazard areas.

When choosing a marking tape, remember:

  • Certain floor marking tapes are better suited to high-traffic areas and stand up better to the cleaning process.
  • Use higher visibility marking tape in areas that you want employees to be sure to notice.

Printed Tapes

Looking to promote your brand or get a message out?  Let Athens supply you with stock message templates or help customize a marketing solution to advertise your company name.

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