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Strapping Solutions for Your Business

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Athens knows strapping!  We have one of the widest selections of inventory and represent the best suppliers of any distributor. Our customers count on us to have the right securement products for the job. Whether you are looking for the right tools or if you have questions about which type of strapping is best for which applications, come to Athens for the answers.

Strapping Items We Stock and Distribute

We stock and/or distribute the following strapping products:

  • Steel – available in black, blue or galvanized. It is the strongest strapping material made.  There are different grades including regular duty, super duty and high tensile.  Use for heavy loads and/or bundles of product that will not crush.
  • Polypropylene (PP) – available in white, clear, yellow and black. It’s good for light to medium duty unitizing, palletizing and bundling.  Polypropylene is the most common strapping used.
  • Polyester (PET) – available in green, black and limited quantities of clear. Texture can be smooth or embossed.  Strongest and most rigid of plastic strapping so when polypropylene doesn’t do the job, look to polyester.
  • Cord – is an effective alternative to steel strapping materials as it is five times lighter than steel and is ideal of outdoor applications. There are two types of cord strapping: regular and woven. You can secure cord with buckles, seals, or by hand tying.

Strapping Tools Available

We stock and/or distribute the following strapping tools:

  • Manual tools – these include cutters, tensioners and sealers.  There are seals for steel and poly strap along with buckles for cord strap.
  • Battery tools – the most basic way to increase the efficiency of strapping operations. These tools tension, cut and weld the strap with just one click. Many tools are light weight, powerful, save time and are more consistent than manual tools.
  • Pneumatic tools – use compressed air to tension or seal. There are different tools for light, medium and heavy applications.

Don’t forget the Dispenser Carts and Kits to help keep your workspace organized! We also carry these items.

Automatic and Semi-automatic Strapping Machines

automatic strapping machines semi-automatic strapping equipmentAutomatic strapping machines are high speed inline units built to handle a variety of size packages. They include bottom seal, side seal, open and closed framed configurations. Models are available for light, medium and heavy production applications.

Semi-automatic strapping machines can be a low-cost solution for a consistent, quality and reliable operation.  They come in a variety of configurations including table top and side seal units. Athens keeps a limited amount of these units in stock for immediate delivery.

Athens distributes strapping in multiple core sizes to fit all brands of strapping machines and strapping cart dispensers. Give us a call if you need assistance in selecting the correct core size for your machines. (Also, see the definition of core size in the Glossary section that follows.)

Glossary of Strapping Terms

Terms you may hear in the strapping industry include:

  • Core Size – common core sizes include 16×6, 16×3, 8×8, and 9×8. The first number in the core size refers to the inside diameter of the core that the strapping is wrapped on. The second number in the size refers to the width of the core. The photo on the right shows the measurements of a 16×6 core.
  • Tensile Strength – the stress at which a material breaks or permanently deforms.
  • Break Strength – the amount of strength required to break strapping and is expressed in pounds.
  • Elongation – the percent of stretch in the strap as the force or tension is applied.
  • Joint Efficiency – expressed as a percent of the total breaking strength of the strapping. The joint is where most breaks happen.
  • AAR (Association of American Railroads) – the best strapping available and should always be labeled with an AAR approval number to designate the quality of the strapping.
  • Weld Efficiency – a percentage, expressed as the ratio of the strength of a riveted, welded, or brazed joint to the strength of the base material.
    • ASTM minimum weld efficiency – 50%
    • AAR minimum weld efficiency – 75%

Call 800-888-7901 (ask for Sales Department) to speak with an Athens expert today about strapping solutions.