Shrink Film and Equipment

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Shrink film, also called “shrink wrap,” is a polymer material that packages finished goods.  Heat applied to the film – via a conveyor into a heat tunnel or using a hand-held heat gun causes the film to shrink tightly around the item placed inside it.

Shrink film is gaining more popularity due to technological advancements that have resulted in more cost-effective ways to showcase and protect your products.

Shrink Film is in Stock and Ready to Ship

Whether you are looking for containment, weatherproofing, or to make package tampering evident, shrink film could be the right choice.  Contact your local Athens sales representative and let us work with you to design an industrial or retail package you will be proud of.

Athens stocks POF (polyolefin) film, PE (polyethylene) film, and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) film  ready for next day delivery.

  • POF film – extremely durable, strong, and versatile. It has taken the place of PVC in many applications and is an FDA accepted for contact with food. POF’s benefits include the ability to wrap using a much thinner gauge film therefore yielding time and material savings.
  • PE film – one of the most common plastic films made.  It is used for various applications including plastic bags, packaging, along with bundling and product protection.
  • PVC film – a multi-purpose film that is still used for items such as CDs, DVDs and software boxes.  Even though many companies have substituted PVC because of its non-recyclability, it still has characteristics that are hard to replace.

Shrink Film Equipment

Athens offers from the simplest hand-held equipment to the most automatic equipment – from heat guns to semi-automatic and automatic L-Bar sealers, side seal wrappers, tunnels and continuous motion units.

Shrink Wrap Equipment


  • Impulse bar sealers are just one of the few manual tools used to surround the product with film.
  • For higher volume production, L-Bar sealers weld the film around the item much more efficiently.


  • Heat guns apply the heat to the film for the more manual, lower volume film and banding operations.
  • In higher volume applications, heat tunnels provide a much more consistent shrink and quite often have a much more professional appearance.
  • For even higher speed operations, continuous motion machines precisely controls spaced products for those requiring more accurate and repeatable shrink seal quality.

Call 800-888-7901 (ask for Sales Department) to speak with an Athens expert today about shrink film solutions.