Protective Packaging

Protective Packaging Solutions at Athens Paper

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Think about it.  Your ideal goal is to ship your product so it consistently arrives safely to its destination with the least amount of investment.  Sounds simple, right?  Wrong.  It is important to think through what you really need. And Athens is the distributor you can trust to help you with this! Let our team help you evaluate the different factors to find the most economical way to package your products for shipping so that your customers have a positive experience.

Protective Packaging Items We Stock and Distribute

We stock and/or distribute the following protective packaging items:

  • Surface protection and cushioning
  • Void fill
  • Blocking and bracing
  • Poly and kraft mailers

Surface Protection & Cushioning

Surface protection products include:

  • bubble wrap
  • polyethylene foam

Bubble wrap –  light weight and helps to protect a wide variety of products of different shapes and sizes.  For each application, it is important to select the correct thickness, which is determined by the height of the bubble.  If you like the idea of bubble wrap, but have little room to store it, we have the solution! Be sure to ask your Athens team about a bubble on-demand type of system.

Polyethylene foam –  a light weight and very cost-effective way to protect surfaces against scratches, scrapes and scuffs.  Foam is commonly used for cushioning, surface protection and/or interleaving, and in many anti-static applications.  It comes in various thicknesses and density options.  Give Athens a call to help determine if foam is the right product for you.

Void Fill

Once you have your product cushioned, it is time to make sure it is protected during the shipping process.  When choosing the correct protective packaging, you must consider product weight and fragility, box size, and the delivery method. The goal is to prevent product sliding, shifting or moving which can result in breakage.  For small parcel transit, shippers recommend about two inches of space between your product and the box wall.  What fills that space is crucial in making sure the product arrives safely.

Void fill products include:

  • newsprint and kraft paper
  • air pillows
  • expandable foam

News print and kraft paper – an economical way of filling voids inside the box. For larger operations, paper dispensing systems are becoming more and more popular. These semi-automatic or automatic machines can be programed to dispense crinkled paper for cushioning, as well as pads which may be used more for blocking and bracing. Dispensers make it much easier for the worker and will increase efficiency.

Air pillows – a very popular alternative to paper systems. Inflatable void fill machines alleviate bulky storage areas. Let Athens work alongside you to recommend the best machine for the job.  Companies realize substantial cost savings using air pillow machines, inflatable cushioning and inline systems which deliver the product to the worker.

Expandable foam – Under the right circumstances, an on-demand type of expandable foam system is the right solution. It is ideal for high volume scenarios and is a great alternative to polystyrene foam.

Blocking and Bracing

Athens also carries a variety of other cost-effective solutions that help ensure your package arrives safe and sound. These include:

  • Corner boards
  • Corrugated angle pads
  • Roll edge guards

Poly and Kraft Mailers

In many cases, it is more advantageous to use cushioned mailers instead of traditional boxes.  We offer kraft bubble mailers and polyethylene bubble mailers.

  • Kraft bubble mailers – an economical alternative which provides rugged exterior durability with protective bubble on the inside.
  • Polyethylene bubble mailers – provides protection with the addition of tear, weather and puncture resistance.

Let the Athens team evaluate your current operation to see if there is a more cost-effective alternative for you.  Find out why today’s e-commerce, retail and fulfillment companies are switching to mailers.

Looking for ways to promote your brand? We can custom print both types of these mailers. Make sure to ask us about this today!

Call 800-888-7901 (ask for Sales Department) to speak with an Athens expert today about protective packaging solutions.