The Packaging Supplies Company Charlotte NC Businesses Patronize

Charlotte is a major city and commercial hub in North Carolina.  As a commercial hub, Charlotte businesses do a tremendous amount of shipping. The packaging supplies company Charlotte NC businesses turn to is Athens for two reasons:

  • Athens has everything you need to ship practically anything.
  • When you order from Athens there’s no wait because Athens delivers with its own fleet of delivery trucks.

Reliability since 1952

Athens Is the Packaging Supplies Company Charlotte NC Businesses Have Purchased from Since 1952

Athens is a leader in distributing packaging supplies and shipping supplies because we have been doing it for 70 years! We carry a very extensive range of protective packaging and shipping supplies.

Our Most Popular Packaging Supplies

Our product line is impressive, but too extensive to list everything we carry. But if you don’t see any mention of what you need, just give us a call. We probably have it!

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Protective Packaging
Our protective packaging products include:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Air pillows
  • Expandable foam
  • Loose fill products
  • Newsprint and kraft paper
  • Kraft and poly mailers (bubble mailers)
  • Corner boards
  • Corrugated angle pads
  • Roll edge guards

Protective packaging supplies

Poly Products and Machines
Athens offers poly sheets, poly bags, and poly tubing (also called poly sleeves), and poly pallet covers. Our poly products are available in different mil thicknesses,  different sizes, and in clear, colored, or printed form. We also supply fully automatic and semi-automatic equipment such as bagging machines.

View poly supplies

Shrink Film and Stretch Film
Shrink film is a polymer material that you heat to shrink. Typically, it encases a “finished” item.

Shrink film supplies

Stretch film is for wrapping multiple packages together or securing products to a pallet. Athens carries the most popular kinds of stretch film, including:

  • machine grade
  • traditional hand film
  • pre-stretch film
  • banding film
  • anti-static film
  • vented film
  • colored stretch film

Stretch film supplies

Strapping Products, Machines, and Tools
Strapping products, “bands” or “straps” that bundle products, come in polyester, polypropylene, cord, and steel. Athens carries all types of straps. Additionally, we carry tools for applying the strapping. These include manual- or battery-operated tools and pneumatic strapping tools.

Strapping machines and tools

Cardboard Boxes and Carton Sealing Tapes
Athens supplies cardboard boxes and a complete line of carton sealing tapes:

  • reinforced paper tape (also known as strapping tape)
  • adhesive tape
  • double coated adhesive tape
  • water-activated tape

Tapes supplies

Charlotte Businesses Like Our Convenient Stocking Program 

Using our Stocking Program means you won’t run out of the supplies you know you use most often. Even though we can deliver quickly, if you run out of a critical supply unexpectedly, it could interrupt your shipping operation. Our Stocking Program ensures that you have what you need when you need it. Speak to our packaging experts about setting up a Stocking Program that is unique to your needs.
Call 800-888-7901 to speak with an Athens expert today about Charlotte packaging supplies and solutions. (Ask for Sales Department when you call.) 
If you know what you need and want, you also can order packaging supplies and products online by clicking the link below.

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