The HP Latex Flatbed – a Game-Changer

HP has officially introduced the HP Latex R2000 Flatbed printer. Unlike other flatbed printers, this new 98″ Hybrid printer has the ability to print with latex inks on rigid substrates and flexible media. Advantages include:

  • Flexible latex inks go over rough surfaces and around curved surfaces
  • Latex inks resist chipping on the edges during routing
  • Latex inks present a smooth and level surface, and preserve the look and feel of the media – important for wallpaper or canvas
  • Latex inks work on all substrates without drying primers or enhancers
  • Latex inks are water based, environmentally friendly and odor free

Newly Formulated Inks & Expanded Colors

The R2000 features newly formulated inks, and an expanded color gamut that allows matching of 95% of the colors in the Pantone system.

In addition the R2000 comes with a clear overcoat to increase scratch resistance and reduce the need for an over-laminate on certain jobs.

Perhaps the most exciting new feature, however, is a recirculating white ink system that eliminates the need for purging and agitation. This speeds up production time and reduces waste.

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