HP announces R1000 Plus 64” Latex Hybrid Printer

Following their May 15 introduction of their new R2000 Latex Flatbed, HP has announced an addition to this line – The R1000.

Smaller Footprint and Lower Price

Identical to the R2000 in features and benefits, the R1000 is 64” wide, with a smaller footprint and lower price tag.

It is the perfect fit for shops without sufficient room or budget for the R2000, yet in search of the highest quality, widest color gamut and revolutionary white ink system. The R1000 can meet all quality requirements while providing the benefits associated with latex ink: superior scratch resistance, instant dry, no odor and environmentally friendly. With newly formulated inks guaranteed to match color between rigid and flexible media, this printer can expand your target market by providing solutions to a wide range of end use applications. Print in vivid colors or utilize white ink, the R1000 will print everything from clear static cling to aluminum composite. Get more details from your Athens sales representative, or better yet come see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Athens now has the R1000 on display in our Charlotte, NC demo center, or we can arrange a separate tour at the HP Experience Center in Atlanta. To find a location near you visit www.athenspaper.com/locations