NEENAH Pearl Now at Athens!

Imagine this. You get an envelope in the mail. It is sparkly and gold. Would you ignore it? Or would it grab your attention and convince you to open it immediately?

At Athens, we’re definitely opening that envelope!

That’s the power of the new NEENAH® Pearl—paper that guarantees your mail pieces will be more eye-catching and vibrant than ever before.

NEENAH® Pearl has been engineered for compatibility with offset, dry toner, and liquid ink digital presses. Choose from 12 striking colors, including 4 different shades of gold, for maximum versatility for your next show-stopping print project.

Made in the USA, in stock, and ready to ship, NEENAH® Pearl papers are the ideal choice to add a luxe, personalized touch to print and direct mail.


Neenah Pearl Papers stock

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