Introducing IMAGEMAX® Paper Board by Neenah

Neenah is announcing to the market a new sustainable, PVC-free substrate, NEENAH IMAGEMAX® Paper Board. This exciting product is an environmentally preferred, 100% paper-based, 100% blue-bin recyclable alternative to styrene for use in all interior signage applications.

The new portfolio will feature the following:

  • Static-free for smoother, faster printing and minimized nozzle drop-out
  • Up to 20% lighter which equals more savings on shipping
  • 94% brightness for clearer, longer-lasting image reproduction that won’t yellow over time
  • Dead white for double-sided printing (.020”, .030” and .040”)
  • Ink absorption which allows for exemplary printing without banding
  • Faster cut times for improved production efficiency
  • No fingerprints – paper-based composition does not capture oils

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Neenah IMAGEMAX® Paper Card ‐ Production Considerations

IMAGEMAX® is a custom‐engineered paper alternative to PVC‐based stored value card substrates, specifically designed to be compatible with all aspects of the card production process.   To ensure optimum performance, below is a list of recommended handling, printing, and converting processes for IMAGEMAX® paper card. These recommendations may change depending upon the specific equipment being used; we encourage testing on sample sheets (available at no charge via our Customer Service department) prior to production in order to ensure you achieve your desired results.


  • Do not double‐stack skids
  • Maintain storage and pressroom temperature of 70 – 75 degrees (F) and 40‐55% relative humidity (RH)
  • Do not remove original packaging until material has acclimated (for a minimum of twenty‐four hours) to pressroom conditions and is ready to print
  • For best results, keep unused product wrapped and stored as recommended above – exposure to wide fluctuations in temperature or humidity may adversely affect performance


Press setup is standard for 28pt caliper sheets.  For offset lithography, it is strongly recommended to print using a UV process.  To optimize print performance, consult your ink supplier for guidance specific to your printing equipment/process.  For both digital and offset processes, sheets must be run in the grain long direction.

Mag Stripe Application / Bar Coding

To insure proper mag stripe adhesion, apply directly to the surface of the paper and avoid contact with any inks or coatings; the proprietary surface coating is designed to be compatible with UV cured DoD imaging equipment. For optimum performance, adjustments to ink volume and line speed are recommended – we strongly encourage testing on the imaging lines prior to production.  Contact our technical services team for additional support.

Trimming/Die Cutting

IMAGEMAX is designed to work with all traditional card punch presses, flatbed die cutters, and PMC equipment. Particular attention should be paid to the cutting die as rule sizes, bevel angles, and die hardness play a large part in ensuring clean cutting and optimum performance.  Consult your die manufacturer for guidance specific to your die cutting equipment and process. 

Affixing:  IMAGEMAX is compatible with a wide range of carrier stocks and readily accepts most fugitive glues; we recommend using adhesives at a temperature of not greater than 315°F. Testing on carrier stock is strongly encouraged, as some materials may require a coating to ensure desired tack/release properties.

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