Multi-Depth Boxes: The Packaging Solution You Need

When it comes to packaging, there are dozens of potential box options and configurations to choose from. What if you could choose sizes and configurations during the packaging process, rather than trying to predict what you’ll need ahead of time?

Meet multi-depth boxes: the flexible packaging solution you’ve been waiting for.

What Are Multi-Depth Boxes?

Just like they sound, multi-depth boxes are a flexible packaging option that allow for a single box to transform into various sizes, depending on the needs of the individual products being packaged. Each box is made from sturdy corrugated cardboard, and the sides of the boxes are scored or creased at several height intervals.

To use the boxes, simply determine which side crease corresponds with the desired height for the individual package. Then, cut the box down to size, leaving an interval to fold over to create the top of the box if it’s a box with a folded (rather than separate, removable) lid, and you’ve got a custom box size with very little effort!

What Are the Benefits of Multi-Depth Boxes?

Using multi-depth boxes offers more benefits and flexibility than ever before. These boxes give you built-in options at every step, with one “piece” able to transform into any number of sizes. Instead of having to inventory several different individual sizes and types of boxes, multi-depth boxes allow you to inventory just the one, and then individually trim them for each shipment.

Along with streamlining inventory, using multi-depth boxes means savings on space and money during the shipping process. When you can trim down a box to the closest possible size, you’re saving money when shipping UPS, FedEx, or any other company where the physical dimensions of a box impact shipping costs.

Multi-depth boxes also reduce the amount of empty space in a carton. This means lower costs on shipping and packing materials, lower costs on shipping itself, and a smaller carbon footprint. Less wasted space, added up over time and over many companies, means fewer cargo shipments and less fuel waste overall. The same goes for packing materials: when there’s less wasted space in boxes, there’s less need for wasteful packaging materials like packing peanuts, bubble, air pillows, or paper fill.

At Athens, we’re always looking for new and innovative solutions for all your packaging and shipping needs. We’re proud to offer multi-depth boxes to give you more control over every shipment, so that you can improve efficiency, save money, and make your shipping practices more sustainable.

Talk to your Athens team today to learn more about how multi-depth boxes can transform your shipping process!