Mohawk Essentials: Choosing the Right Paper

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When developing a print project, choosing the specific paper to be printed on is one of the most important decisions. Slight differences in paper can significantly impact the finished piece's color, sharpness, vibrancy, and texture, producing different effects on audiences.

Athens is a proud distributor of Mohawk Essentials, a range of high-quality papers that rank among the most popular and readily available solutions. Better yet, we stock the most popular items at Athens!

Here’s what to know about these sought-after papers and how Athens can help you choose.

Mohawk Collections

Athens stocks Mohawk Essentials papers from different collections, each with slightly different traits and ideal for various applications:

  • Beautiful Collection: Legendary, reliable papers that enhance print fidelity for precise and impactful imagery.
  • Expressive Collection: Papers with distinctive tactile and colorful properties
  • Practical Collection: Economical, workhorse papers that bring Mohawk quality to any project.
  • Sustainable Collection: Papers with recycled or alternative fibers and a compelling sustainability story.

If you’re unsure which collection would be best suited for your project, the Athens team can help you decide with more in-depth information and samples!

Understanding Grades

Mohawk Essentials paper options also come in a variety of grades, designed for different uses and with different weights, textures, and compositions.

  • Everyday Digital: A family of reliable and economical coated and uncoated papers specially made for digital presses. These papers maximize press productivity, enhance finishing performance, and help you manage your bottom line.
  • Via: A comprehensive and economical family of premium writing, text, and cover papers in the market today. The combined portfolio offers an FSC® certified choice for a wide range of project, with many shades of white, a palette of fresh colors, ten distinctive textures and an extensive offering for digital printing.
  • Options: Features Mohawk’s exclusive Inxwell surface technology, combining the tactile feel of uncoated paper with the ink density and sharp detail of coated. Now including ultra-smooth Navajo, Options features six premium white shades to complement a range of styles.
  • Superfine: An exceptionally fine printing paper focused on providing quality, consistency, and uniformity to projects. It features superb formation, lush tactility, archival quality, and timeless appeal.

Athens is here to help with all your paper needs to ensure your vision becomes a printed piece that fits all your requirements.

Contact us to request samples.

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