Introducing the HP Latex 2700 Series Printer

Athens is a proud Authorized Dealer for the HP Latex 2700 Printer series. Designed with efficiency, sustainability, and profitability in mind, this series of four printers offers unique solutions to make your printing process smoother, faster, and more efficient.

The HP Latex 2700 prints with vivid colors at up to 958 square feet per hour. It also produces the whitest white without yellowing or waste. A 30% wider color gamut on a wide applications range allows for higher margins, and 160% ink stretchability for wrapping makes finishing and installation easier than ever. Add in automated printhead cleaning and an intuitive interface, and you’re saving time and money at every turn.

Along with offering better printed results, the printer series is also designed to be eco-friendly and sustainable. The entire line is dedicated to ensuring no hazardous air pollutants, odorless prints, recyclable ink packaging, and working with a wide range of compatible eco-conscious media.

Why Make the Switch to an HP Latex 2700 Series Printer

The HP Latex 2700 Series offers numerous benefits that can make the upgrade worth the investment.

Productivity: The HP Latex 2700 Series allows you to print up to 55% faster, while getting more vivid colors with new symmetrical double printheads. A new touch screen interface also helps boost efficiency, with guidance to make job preparation even easier. Plus, state-of-the-art sensors help to reduce waste and keep the printing process running smoothly, while automatic printhead cleaning improves productivity, and universal printheads allow for easier replacement and stock management.

Margins and Materials: Extend your offer with the whitest white ink, and ensure zero ink waste by removing the white printhead when not in use. Automatic ink recirculation allows you to avoid constant maintenance, while fourth-generation HP Latex Inks enable up to 19% wider gamut at high speed. The printer series also handles printing on a wider array of thin films, vinyls, and papers, while using 30% less heat and solutions for easy finishing and installation.

Efficiency and Support: HP Professional Print Service Plans offer the support you need to ensure the most efficient operations. Get improved printer uptime with reliable support, monitor and optimize production workflows, and access trainings to upskill your team.

Sustainability: The HP Latex 2700 Series uses HP Latex inks, a water-based and environmentally-friendly product. Recyclable ink carton-cardboard cartridges reduce the impact on the environment.

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