HP Latex R-Series Latex Flatbed Printers – A Versatile Performer

The HP R-Series Latex Flatbed Printers (64″ – 98″ wide) can print both rigid substrates and flexible media. The versatility of the R Series can generate more sales and more production hours than comparable or higher-priced printers. See your Athens sales rep for more details, visit our demo center in Charlotte, NC, or learn more about each printer in the series by clicking a button below:

R-Series Latex Flatbed Printers

Advantages of the R-Series Latex Printers over UV Flatbed Printers

Environmentally friendly, odor-free latex inks work on all substrates without the need for drying primers or enhancers. Because they are 1/3 as thick as UV inks, latex inks put down a smooth, level surface. The surface deflects light more evenly and produces a quality more in line with offset printing. Latex inks also provide an excellent color match between substrates with less than a Delta 2 difference.

Other advantages of latex inks include: 

  • Flexibility. They can go over rough finishes and around curved surfaces. They can print on brick as well as windows. UV inks don’t stretch or hold up well on uneven surfaces.
  • Consistent color density. Even when stretched, as in vehicle wraps, the color is excellent.
  • Expanded color gamut. Latex inks match 82% of the colors in the Pantone system. An average UV printer can match only approximately 50%.
  • Chip resistance. Latex inks won’t chip on the edges during routing like UV inks.
  • Scratch resistance. Comes with a scratch-resistant overcoat which also reduces the need for an over-laminate on many jobs.
  • Recirculating white ink system. This is perhaps the most exciting new feature. It reduces ink waste by eliminating the need for purging and agitation. Also, it speeds up production time by reducing time to switch from color to white to only 5 minutes
  • Preservation of the look and feel of the media. This is particularly important for wallpaper or canvas. UV inks do not have this quality because they are much thicker. 

What Makes the R-Series Printers a Great Buy?

One answer is money-saving features such as white ink on demand and printheads that cost a fraction of the competition and don’t require a service call to change. But what really makes the R-Series affordable is the versatility and quality that allows you to produce a wider range of jobs and generate more sales than other printers.

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