Aarchived Page – The HP Advantage

HP is the recognized leader in wide format technology. With versatile output, fast set ups, and eco-friendly inks that dry instantly, HP machines are built for efficient production.

HP’s New Flatbed Technology Offers Latex Ink Advantages

The revolutionary HP Latex R2000 98” Hybrid Flatbed printer has the ability to print on a wide variety of media at greater speeds and higher quality than has been available before.  This new printer runs latex ink, providing a wide range of advantages when compared to UV inks.  The R2000 features newly formulated inks with a wider color gamut, designed to work equally well on both flexible and rigid media, while providing an excellent color match between substrates.

Compared to UV inks, latex inks:

  • Are flexible and will stretch around curves
  • Won’t chip during routing
  • Lay down a smooth level surface for higher quality prints
  • Preserve the look and feel of the media, particularly canvas and wallpaper
  • Work on all substrates without the need for drying primers or enhancers
  • Latex inks are water based, odor free and environmentally friendly

Flexible latex inks go over rough surfaces and around curved edges. The R2000 features an expanded color gamut, and a clear overcoat to boost scratch resistance and decrease the need for an over-laminate. The reformulated white ink is whiter and more opaque than previous inks. For the first time latex and white ink can be used in combination on both rigid substrates and flexible media, opening up new applications for additional revenue. The addition of a recirculating white ink system eliminates the need for purging and agitation, speeding up production while reducing waste.

HP Latex Printers

HP Latex printers offer multiple advantages:

  • Print and Cut solutions are available
  • 1200 dpi resolution and a wide color gamut produce high quality products
  • Versatility to handle a wide range of coated and uncoated substrates
  • Latex ink is smooth, scratch resistant, and flexible
  • Inks can last up to 3 years outdoors unlaminated, and up to 5 years when laminated
  • HP printheads are user-replaceable
  • Prints come out completely dry and ready for finishing.
  • Water-based latex inks are eco-friendly Green Guard Certified.

Athens sells and supports the following HP Latex Models:

  • HP Latex 110 Printer – 54” Printer
  • HP Latex 315 – 54” Printer
  • HP Latex 315 Print & Cut – 64” Printer
  • HP Latex 335 – 64″ Printer
  • HP Latex 335 Print & Cut – 64” Printer
  • HP Latex 365 – 64″ Printer
  • HP Latex 560 – 64″ Printer
  • HP Latex 570 – 64″ Printer
  • HP Latex 1500 – 126″ Printer

HP Scitex Printers

The advantages of HP Scitex UV hybrid printers include:

  • Versatility and reliability
  • Quick set up for both rigid substrates and flexible role media
  • Fast print speeds with highly durable, scratch resistant inks
  • Ability to print on virtually any rigid or flexible media
  • Scalability, modularity and upgradability

Athens sells and supports the following HP Scitex UV Models:

  • HP Scitex FB550 UV Cure Printer – 64” Printer
  • HP Scitex FB750 UV Cure Printer – 98” Printer