Get the Feeling Right with Cougar® Paper Trails Volume 2

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Print is so much more than just ink on paper – it’s a feeling, both physical and emotional, that leaves a lasting impression. Think about the most memorable pieces of print you’ve seen, and chances are, they’re the ones that didn’t just convey a message, but made you feel something. Choosing paper with the right finish is crucial for building these connections and turning a simple print piece into a multisensory memory.

Athens is proud to distribute Cougar®, a line of premium papers from Domtar. One of our most popular paper options, the line has a long history of creating waves with its stunning paper finishes, providing the perfect canvas for leaving a lasting impression and sparking emotions through print.

For even more in-depth exploration of the power of paper finishes, we’re highlighting the release of Cougar Paper Trails Volume Two: Get the Feeling Right.

Cougar Paper Trails, a Paper 101 series from Domtar, combines education about the basic elements of paper with insights about how it empowers the journey of creativity. Using a surfing theme to encourage everyone to “take the plunge” with paper, the latest installment dives into paper finishes and the roles they play in stirring the right feelings, enhancing brands, and shaping how people view and experience a printed piece.

Volume Two explores the differences in uncoated and coated papers and how their characteristics impact printed materials. You’ll also learn about the different finishes featured within the Cougar line – Vellum, Smooth and Super Smooth – through a combination of print samples with simplified language and illustrations. The book itself utilizes various printing and finishing techniques in line with the surfing theme including a groovy, fluorescent orange ink; a dazzling bird-inspired blind emboss; and a sandy spot textured UV.

Athens is your go-to resource for Cougar paper products for offset and digital!

Our stock includes:

  • Envelopes: Announcements, baronials, monarch envelopes, square envelopes, and business envelopes (in white and natural)
  • Cover Weights: 65C, 80C, 100C, 110C, 130C, and 160C (in white and natural)
  • Text Weights: 60T, 70T, 80T, and 100T (in white and natural; in smooth and vellum)
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