G-Floor—Stocked at Athens!

Transform ordinary floors and sidewalks into memorable branding opportunities with G-Floor print media stocked at Athens.

Made from 100% solid polyvinyl, this recyclable grand format substrate is designed for the unique requirements of environmental graphics. It’s durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic (or even some car traffic), easy to clean, resistant to most stains, slip-proof, and repositionable. It’s compatible with UV Cure and Screen Print inks and can work as a stand-alone or backed with adhesives of various types.

Applications include:

  • Wayfinding floor graphics
  • Tradeshow booths
  • Floor decals
  • Wall graphics
  • Counter and point-of-sale displays
  • Sidewalk graphics

It’s the perfect substrate for a wide variety of locations, including retail, architectural, sports arenas, movie theaters, ad specialties, trade shows, locker rooms and gyms, showrooms, museums, and restaurants.

Athens currently stocks three options:

Item # Product Size Description
129636120" x 61 ft G-Floor Ceramic Clear50mil - 6" coreA clear, ceramic-textured polyvinyl substrate at 50 mil thickness.
129637120" x 61 ft G-Floor Ceramic Clear75mil - 3" coreA clear, ceramic-textured polyvinyl substrate at 75 mil thickness
129638120" x 61 ft G-Floor Woodgrain Clear75mil - 6" coreA clear, woodgrain-textured polyvinyl substrate at 75 mil thickness

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