French Paper Company and the Environment

One look at a sheet of French Paper and you can tell it’s environmentally friendly. Better yet, touch it. French Paper Company has long been known as a pioneer in recycled paper manufacturing. Unlike other American paper mills, French is powered by fully renewable hydroelectric generators installed in 1922 (and saving over one million barrels of fossil fuel to date).

Pioneers in Green Energy

French Paper Company installed hydro generators long before it was “the thing” to do. By using hydropower for over 85 years, French Paper has avoided the release of more than 700,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere alone. Competitor wind power claims are merely the purchase of secondhand wind power credits. French makes green energy on-site, without adding costs that get passed on to customers. French produces surplus energy for the local utility, supplying power to the community. (The French generators have produced enough watts to keep a light on for 500 billion hours.) French’s CO2 savings are equivalent to the use of over 4,878,049 lbs of coal. Coal pollutes the air we breathe with nitrogen oxides and often destroys the land from which it is mined.

As pioneers in recycled papers, French offers many environmental paper choices: organic, recycled, post-consumer waste, acid free, lignin free, and soy ink compatible. Ask your Athens Representative for swatchbooks.

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