Earth Day Update 2017

Experts describe corporate sustainability as a journey. It never really ends, and we’re all at different places on our own road.

Earth Day 2017

As we celebrate Earth Day 2017, we wanted to share some information on our paper partners and what they are headed.

is a strong supporter of the manufacture of ecologically friendly papers. Their method is based on planning and strategy, using a green checklist to do this. The checklist also includes scheduling and budget considerations. To check out their resources and tools, check out the Green Zone on their website.




For APPVION PAPER, recycling is a part of their daily routine. Their comprehensive waste management program diverts material from the landfill. At their HQ location, recycling bins paired with trash cans helped reduce waste to landfill by 38%. At the Roaring Spring Mill, they repurpose waste products into fuel, providing more than half of the energy the mill needs to run. And recycled material has been used in some of their products for over 25 years.



INTERNATIONAL PAPER works continuously to reduce their environmental footprint and promote the long-term sustainability of their natural resources. Sustainable practices represent the foundation of their business, and they endeavor to minimize environment, health and safety impacts during the design, manufacture, distribution, use and at the end-of-life of their many products. This includes a commitment to the communities where they operate, work and live to responsibly manage forests, facilities and related businesses.


FRENCH PAPER COMPANY’s hydro generators were installed in 1922, long before it was anyone was thinking about being environmentally-friendly. French has conserved over 1,000,000 barrels of fossil fuels to date. By using hydropower for over 85 years, French Paper has avoided the release of more than 700,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere alone. French produces surplus energy for the local utility, supplying power to the community. (The French generators have produced enough watts to keep a light on for 500 billion hours.)


WESTROCK’s sustainability program is built on three pillars: People, Planet, and Performance. They invest in their workforce and their communities and are always looking for ways to make their business more sustainable. Environmental excellence starts with a strong commitment to compliance at all levels of management, and active teams and systems to manage environmental requirements. Their sustainability goals for water use, carbon emissions, recycling, and energy efficiency help to drive continuous improvement in all their paper manufacturing facilities.


CITI PAPER believes we all must commit to improving and maintaining the health of our planet. As part of their commitment, CTI Paper USA supports the development of alternative energy by using 100% wind power for their electricity needs. They are also proud to be Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody (CoC) certified, offering paper and envelope products that meet the high standards of forest management set forth by the FSC. Also, they continue to look for ways to manufacture more eco-friendly products, including offering carbon neutral brands and recycled items.



MONADNOCK PAPERS was chosen by the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) as a 2016 Business Leader for Energy Efficiency for their efforts to foster the economy and protect the environment. Monadnock has been consistently at the forefront of energy efficiency for more than 40 years. In the past 15 years alone, Monadnock has initiated 22 energy efficiency projects, including the installation of more efficient motors, LED lighting through the plant, HVAC upgrades, production line equipment improvements, and compressed air system improvements.