Country Music Hall of Fame Spotlighted in Domtar’s Paper Matters Magazine

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We’re always delighted when our Athens team members make headlines! That’s why we’re so pleased to share that our Manager of Marketing Services, Kelley McLaughlin, consulted on a keepsake book for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, which has now been featured in the latest edition of Paper Matters, a publication by Domtar.

McLaughlin has worked with the Country Music Hall of Fame for over 25 years, so when they came calling to work on a souvenir book for their latest exhibition, she – and Athens – was ready to advise. The book itself commemorates a new exhibition at the Hall of Fame: Western Edge: The Roots and Reverberations of Los Angeles Country-Rock, celebrating the California-based singers and songwriters who brought together elements of country and rock music, along with bluegrass and folk, to create a new sound that still reverberates to this day.

Warren Denney, the museum’s Vice President of Creative, and Debbie Sanders, their senior production manager, spearheaded the project’s research, content, and final production. In an advisory capacity, McLaughlin used her extensive print expertise and industry network to consult on the paper selection and ensure it aligned with the project’s overall theme.

“When you’re telling a story in a physical format, the paper and the message should partner,” Denney said to Print Matters. After careful consultation and consideration of different options, McLaughlin recommended the Lynx® Opaque Ultra, calling it “such a beautiful sheet for these books.” Although it was a more expensive choice than coated stock, McLaughlin praised the Hall of Fame team for taking the leap and leaning into a paper that more closely reflected the style and overall meaning of the exhibit and its companion book.

The paper’s natural, uncoated texture tied in closely with the theme of the book: an exploration of history and, specifically, a movement that was about going back to grittier roots instead of glossy performance. As a result, the final book emphasized an archival, historical feel, as well as tying in with the specific trends and cultural movements of the era where this music originated.

Our Athens expertise helped to ensure that every detail of the book reflected the style and message of the Hall of Fame exhibition. We are proud to have been part of such a meaningful project to celebrate a remarkable era of music history!