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Get all the hardware you need for both indoor and outdoor applications to suit your customers’ marketing and promotional needs. May it be for retail, events or visual sales support, Athens Paper has the products, knowledge, and tools to support your goals for success in the wide format space.

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Our durable and quality products are competitively priced and available quickly. No matter what you need, you’ll always get courteous service and helpful information. Our NEW interactive wide format hardware catalog includes:

  • Full range of wide format hardware options including retractable & tension banner stands, textile, show, outdoor and information displays
  • Wide format accessories and replacement parts
  • An outline of Athens Paper stock items
  • A retractable decision tree to help you make informed purchasing decisions
  • An interactive table of contents that allows you to navigate the catalog with the click of a mouse
  • Resource links on each page to access graphic templates, installation instructions, high resolution images and individual catalog page sell sheets

Plasticade Sign Options

Plasticade manufactures the most popular sign holder in the U.S.: the Signicade A-Frame Sign Holder. You might see this A-Frame Sign Holder almost anywhere, but most frequently on the sidewalk in front of businesses advertising their latest special.

There are plenty of other Plasticade signs and shapes to choose from, including:

  • Sign frames
  • Real estate sign holders
  • Parking lot sign holders
  • Portable sign stands
  • Message and marker board
  • Sign holders with Quick-Change™ features
  • Yard signs
  • Wind signs

Discover which Plasticade solutions are right for you.

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