Athens Reinvents Paper School for 2017

Have you attended Paper School?

If you’re a long-time printer, chances are you have attended a paper school.

While traditional paper schools have focused on the technical aspects of paper manufacturing, a new program offered by Athens reinvents paper school for today's new generation of printers, designers, and print specifiers.

Developed by Athens and its sponsors (Appleton Coated, Appvion, CTI, French, IP, Monadnock and WestRock), this modern approach switches the focus from the technical aspects of paper to providing sales teams, customer support representatives, designers, estimators, and specifiers with the knowledge they need to help customers make the right choices for their printing projects.

On of the first sponsors on-board was French Paper. Brian French said, “The more knowledge a buyer has about paper, the easier it is for them to find the perfect sheet for their project. There are many characteristics in paper that can affect the final outcome. Having an understanding of all these moving parts is vital to the eventual success of a print job, and that is why we think this is an important educational program.

The paper school is offered to groups or individuals in 60 or 90-minute sessions and includes both a live presentation and printed resource materials. Athens is happy to provide a session for a printer, or they can partner with a printer to put on a Paper School for the printer’s customers. At the end of an entertaining session, attendees will have the information and tools they need to make informed decisions about selecting  paper and achieving project-specific goals.

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