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Athens Delivers “THE POWER OF PACKAGING” with Its New Athena Brand Stretch Film

After nine price increases in stretch film since June of 2020, Athens introduces Athena Brand Stretch Film. Introducing this product at a time when prices continue to rise gives our customers another choice. Just as you have trusted our company for over 50 years, you can trust the Athena Stretch Film. It provides consistent and reliable film that you can count on for securing your loads. 

Our Athena Deluxe, Premium and Extreme line of films will cover most of your load containment needs. Our brand includes the standard sizes and the following gauges: 

  • Deluxe:   80 gauge machine and 80, 70 & 65 gauge hand films 
  • Premium: 63 gauge machine film
  • Extreme:  47 and 55 gauge hand films

Athens Has Solutions for All Your Stretch Film Needs

Athens offers a wide range of packaging products, equipment and solutions. We are well positioned to meet your film needs. Even if we don’t have what you need in the Athena line, we  offer other lines from very dependable manufacturers.

Let Us Help You Find Opportunities for Managing Costs

The price increases for stretch film are likely to continue, but there are still opportunities to offset the increases. For example, our specialists will work with you to focus on the “cost per load” and not the “cost per roll.” This will allow you to determine the smallest total amount of film that works to properly secure your specific load.

Our packaging experts know how to uncover ways to maximize value and minimize costs. Athens can perform a comprehensive facility audit and offer our supply chain management expertise to help you manage costs.

Call 800-888-7901 and ask for the Sales Department to speak with an Athens packaging specialist today about stretch film solutions.